Friday, April 21, 2017

#Repost @zmyersofficial: i don't go full transparency on here often ... since March of last year being in any band has been hard on me .... that's when my son was born ... And leaving my house now seems like a job that is indescribable at times ... as per being a father means so much to me .... when I question myself or this I see these dudes .. And everything we've accomplished TOGETHER .... this balance of being a father and being in a band that's had so many highs and successes is a tough balance. but I realize it's not an impossible one ... You can do both ... And give your all to both No other gentleman I'd rather travel this world with and create , laugh , cry , fight or share the stage with than these guys ... They've picked me up every time I've fallen down. And I love them more everyday for it .... Anyway here's a photo of us in Antwerp eating dinner #ShinedownForever #PookieLetsBurnThisMFdown #shinedown

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