Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Shinedown Announces New Album 'ATTENTION ATTENTION,' Releases Single 'DEVIL': Video Premiere

Article via (Billboard)
Five albums in and a bevy of No. 1 songs under its belt, Shinedown could have played it safe on new album ATTENTION ATTENTION and let the accolades continue to roll in. Instead, the follow-up to 2015's Gold-certified Threat to Survival takes the veteran rockers in a new direction: a concept album. Well, sort of. ATTENTION ATTENTION, Shinedown's sixth album, is out May 4 via Atlantic Records (available for pre-order here), and today (March 7), the band debuts the music video for lead single "DEVIL" on Billboard. "DEVIL," the first fully formed song on ATTENTION ATTENTION following intro "THE ENTRANCE," isn't just the introduction to the album as a whole. Its music video also kicks off what frontman Brent Smith says is planned as a series, with a clip for every song on the record. So it makes sense that Bill Yukich, the lead editor on Beyonce's Lemonade film for HBO, is helming the project. Smith says that Yukich's original treatment for "DEVIL" ended up getting shelved, but doing so led to the concept of recording a video for each song, not just what eventually came of the lead music video. "Me and Bill, after we had been talking about it, we had to go back to the drawing board, which I am so thankful for, because ... there was a reason the universe had us redo it," Smith tells Billboard. "When we met each other face to face, and even when we talked on the phone, he got it. He was all about it. We had the most amazing time working with him, so the plan is to tell the whole story and do a video for all the songs. It may not be in order in the beginning, but eventually they will be, and they'll tell the story." That story is the concept behind ATTENTION ATTENTION, which begins with the album's narrator -- or, if one desires, the listener, which was the band's intent -- starting in a dark, negative place, slowly going through a change within the confines of one's mind before emerging on the other side (album closer "BRILLIANT") a changed individual. "It was all about starting the story off very dramatic," Smith says of the video. "It's not set in a traditional, quote-unquote music video style. It plays out, even in the four minutes-and-change that the song is, [that] we pack a lot of information into this first song for the viewer, because that was all built by design; we really wanted to make a statement with this video. "The colors are very vibrant, the way that the editing is shot and the amount of detail in the story of the song, how much he was able to present, is quite frankly unlike anything I've been able to see any director be able to do for the first song you hear. It's kind of like being a new artist... because I guarantee nobody will have ever seen Shinedown in this capacity." Adds Smith about the song itself: "'DEVIL' is about being afraid, 'DEVIL' is about being terrified of not only yourself, in some respects, but the world around you, and understanding that there are so many things and so many different situations and people and places and atmospheres and exposure that human beings are put in front of on a daily basis, [and] the world can be a really difficult place to navigate. So that's where the story starts." ATTENTION ATTENTION finds Shinedown on the cusp of adding to its legend on the Billboard charts. Each one of its 22 charting singles on the Mainstream Rock Songs airplay chart -- dating back to debut release "Fly from the Inside" -- have reached the top five of the chart, an unparalleled achievement. Of those songs, 11 have reached No. 1, setting the band third all-time and with the frontrunners -- Three Days Grace(12) and Van Halen (13) -- in sight.


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